Koresma’s music is always a blissful chill.

Excited to kick off my music Thursday with his latest track called “Turquoise” which is also the first step towards his next sound adventure - an EP titled West. If you dig the whole indie / acoustic / electronic blend, then this is definitely going to bring you some positive feeling. It’s the kind of track to play while taking 5-10 minutes for yourself on a stressful day.

The song is dedicated to Ryan’s mom whose favourite color is… well, yeah - “Turquoise”.

…I kept seeing the color in my minds eye while producing the track. Something about the glassiness of the electric piano, the sheen on the drums, and the ambience of the guitar really make that color stand out to me in the song. The added inspiration of this being a color I associate with my mother brought a whole new level of meaning to this song for me.

posted by Ivo
August 2018