My indie submission box is so sexy this week! I've just opened up another email and now I'm in trouble because I can't stop playing this track. Seriously. Can't. Stop. Alright, so we already know Kraak & Smaak is legit. But, Keyhole? Who is this guy! From what I got in the submission, he's based in London, and he just released an EP, Synth, which is out on SoundCloud.

I am super digging his vibe and his music is on repeat right now. This Kraak & Smaak track is catchy - it's nice to know that his solo act is just as strong. I like that his vocals confuse me in a delightful way - how would you describe them? Nu soul with some R&B influence? I just don't know. I just dig it.

Have a listen. Enjoy!

posted by Staff
May 2015