Kwaku Asante is certainly one of my fav finds in the past year.

His signature smoothness here is blended with an outstanding drum groove. "Inside Out" is the fourth and concluding single from his upcoming album Blue Solstice Volume 2. Produced by versatile musician Dan Holloway, "Inside Out" lies heavily on the Motown aesthetics and also blends r&b, soul, pop, and funk. The additional vocals are such a nice surprise.

The London-based singer shares a story about infatuation - the burning passion for someone. Kwaku's velvety vocals dance over the rhythm as he envisions a scenario where he gathers the courage to talk to the girl of his dreams while drawing poetic parallels to blooming flowers.

Kwaku performed his previous single "Strawberry Skies" on COLORS, which you should definitely check out. And I honestly can't wait for the full record on Sep 13th.

posted by Nasko
August 2023