My immediate reaction when I first heard Lai Raw's "Invisible" was to jump and just start head-banging and running around the room. Honestly, the track is such a breath of fresh air on the alternative electronic dance scene.

This pop / jersey club crossover jam is the title track of his brand-new 6-track EP released last Friday via Berlin-based MEGA BUFF Records. It certainly brings back some Cashmere Cat 201* memories, back when SoundCloud was still in its prime.

Now let's focus a bit more on the star of the show - Lai Raw. Raised in the sunny climes of southern Spain, his music reflects the rich, melancholic tones of his upbringing, while his passion for breakbeats and rhythmic grooves blossomed during his studies in audio engineering in London. Now heavily influenced by his life in Berlin, we're entering a new flourishing age in his creative life. As someone who has 10 years under his belt living in the German capital, I definitely feel that.

I love the chameleon reference, which stems from Lai's ability to carelessly blend with the sonic environment when needed. From bass, to funk, to late-night rave energy, this guy is a sound shapeshifter and can always come up with a plethora of colourful break styles for any mood and feel.

The energy on "Invisible" is off the hook. Instant add to our dance playlist.

posted by Ivo
last month