Tomorrow, UK producer Lapalux will be performing a live of his upcoming new album Ruinism here in Berlin. Part of that performance will be his latest song "Flickering" featuring Icelandic singer Jófríður Ákadóttir (JFDR) of the bands Gangly, Pascal Pinon and Samaris.

The track is absolutely mesmerizing. It's t he first time I stumble upon JFDR, but her vocals are just piercing. Also, Lapalux did stunningly well to create a "stage" for her vocal abilities. Speaking on "Flickering", she shares:

Stu [Lapalux] and I got together in London when I had just run out the door in Iceland with my laptop and passport - and literally nothing else - so I was in a perfect state of chaos, freedom and exhaustion. The tune came together quite quickly, the only rule I got from Stu was that it couldn't be about "love". I really like the result, it has a perfect balance of that melancholia-but-you-still-keep-on-going feeling.

Ruinism will be released on 30th June via Brainfeeder. Stay tuned for more!

posted by Ivo
May 2017