It's been a while since we've featured the wonderful Laura Misch.

Tom Misch's sister, who's an outstanding saxophonist (alongside numerous other instruments), vocalist & producer, returns to our feed with another hazy & mesmerising tune called "Portals", announcing her debut LP Sample the Sky, due October 13th.

Dedicated to our connection to nature, the album is based on an organic production approach, touching lyricism, a wind-inspired saxophone, and Laura's different music influences - from r&b and pop to experimental electronic, throughout the full record.

The first single off the LP is a phenomenal blend of jazz, soul & indietronica and carries her signature melancholy - it's about "the spiritual moment her elderly grandfather passed away", but also somehow brightness & warmth. Best experienced with eyes closed.

For a second listen, definitely also dive into the official music video:

posted by Nasko
June 2023