Oh, it's so good to hear some good UK garage music from outside the UK.

Welcoming Lauraw, a Germany-based singer who you might know as the vocalist of the extremely popular back in the '90s band C-Block (who were playing in Bulgaria literally a couple of months ago). She wrote "Higher" 4 years ago in English but after she spent some time outside her home country, she recently moved back and rewrote this gem in German - which, I must say, sounds exquisite.

Uplifting & rich beat section, warm keys, and powerful but soulful vocals make for perfection - that also has a lovely message:

I do love this song because it’s about friendships, them solid ones.

A song between friends being completely open and themselves with each other. They deep-talk and party on higher levels of integrity.

Drawing inspirations from nature and personal experiences and doesn't really obey genre limitations - definitely also check her slow-burner "Connection".

posted by Nasko
September 2022