Easily the trippiest track I've found this year.

Excited to welcome DJ / producer & synth hoarder Lawrence Hart and his surreal new track "How The Light Gets In". The track shines like a beacon of light in dark times and will channel its two-fold energy through to anyone who opens his ears and mind.

I honestly can't count the number of times I've ended up daydreaming and tripping on this since it came out last week. What I mean with the two-fold energy thing is that the composition feels like yin and yan. The spacious ambient-like synths provide a sense of calm and zen while the percussion and the chopped vocals carry this intensity energy which if used the right way, will make you feel invisible. A seriously captivating piece of music.

Lawrence Hart has worked with some of my favourite electronic music artists such as George FitzGerald, Lil Silva, and Scuba. He has remixed tracks for Foals, Lau.ra, and Model Man, plus earning praise from Pete Tong for his 2021 debut EP Surrender Yourself.

"How The Light Gets In" is out via Attack Decay Sweet Release label.

posted by Ivo
January 2023