I wasn't sure how to kick-off my music morning, but then laxcity's "Good Morning" came along and not only the title (as simple as it may be) felt just... perfect, but the whole track foundation somehow matched my mood.

Build around a few pillars like the near-ambient background vocals and the somehow intense electronic build up, one could "absorb" the track in 2 very different direction - I caught myself day dreaming at first, but then once you get into the kick pattern you could easily be grooving around.

I also got inspired by what Joshua wrote on the tracks' description...

This is my SoundCloud account back in 2013 before laxcity was even a project. It's so wonderful to look back at this because its a reminder of how much I've improved as well as where I started from. At one point on this journey, there was a lot of discouragement that caused me to give up. But then a massive variety of diverse and awesome human beings came into my life, and I've never looked back since!

There's been so much support and growth in my music in the past year and it's unbelievable the number of lives I've been able to bless with the art I create. All i can say at this point is a huge thank you to all those that support what i do and i hope you enjoy whats to come in future! ????

It has been a while since I've looked at old Stereofox screenshots, but I have the mental image of the first months and year of all of this.

posted by Ivo
May 2018