South London's producer and multi-instrumentalist, Leaps, has been on our radar ever since he dropped his critically acclaimed song "Close" towards the end of 2022. Today Leaps is kicking off the new Spring season with a brand new single titled "Rewind", part of an EP called Transcendent (out via Headroom Records).

The 4-track EP is Luke's gift to listeners and a ticket to a journey towards escapism. "Rewind" blends elements of garage, breakbeat, and house music and is an endless stream of energy. Once you let this energy pass through you, you'll feel invisible. It's the kind of emotional euphoria everyone needs on the dancefloor.

The whole release is a testament to his musical influences, which include Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Four Tet, and BICEP. Throughout the EP, one can sense futuristic 90s nostalgia which is both infectious and memorable. By drawing on these diverse influences, Leaps has managed to create a sound that is entirely unique and unmistakable, showcasing his exceptional talent as a producer and multi-instrumentalist. I can only imagine all the greatness ahead of this artist.

You can listen to the full Transcendent EP below.

posted by Ivo
April 2023