With a passion for the art of singing and songwriting deeply rooted since early childhood, Leena’s world doesn’t offer a place for blind preconceptions and groundless judgments. “Assumptions” mirrors that concept in an elegantly groovy r&b manner.

The hard-hitting catchy hook on this track blends captivating flows with gentle counter-melodies, certain to make you sing along. The stylish, yet modern aesthetic continues with the subtle synth textures and warm bass glides, produced by Kamen – a prominent name on the Bulgarian beat scene and now all around the world.

Leena oscillates between neo-soul and modern r&b. Influenced by the likes of Sabrina Claudio, FKA Twigs, Snoh Aalegra, her soulful vocal style and touching lyricism resemble a perfect balance between delicacy and presence.

"My musical path began with singing lessons at the renowned Bulgarian “Voice Academy”, where I found home every day after high school classes. Kamen and I met while I was still in university studying Popular Music in the UK. There we worked on my previous “Sooner or Later” EP as a final university project. From then on I really liked the collaboration with Kamen, so "Assumptions" was born. We aimed for something a bit more energetic and beat-driven, while still keeping the r&b touch on the vocals. It's the first taste before my forthcoming album this year.”

With Leena's clean vocals, Kamen's stellar instrumental and the well-known Bulgarian hip-hop producer Gena on the mix, “Assumptions” sets itself to be a pure gem! This elegantly smooth single is out now everywhere via your truly Stereofox Records!

posted by Chris
August 2021