It's an exciting day today because after months of planning and an exciting rollout, the full Labyrinth Remixed album is finally out - celebrating 1 year anniversary of Leena's debut album Labyrinth of the Subconscious.

Originally produced by Gena & Kamen, 4 of the more prominent songs of the record - "Body", "Mad Dreams", "Vertigo" & "Don't Panic", received stunning makeovers by 10 talented producers (including winners from a remix competition on Native Instruments' platform Metapop.

Ranging from chill electronic through organic / progressive / deep house, all the way to UK Garage & dance, the remixes will show you unique perspectives of those r&b gems.

Our dear Paklite secured the opening song & turned "Body" into hazy chill electronica - the way he knows to bring tranquil vibes.

Stream/buy the full record here.

posted by Nasko
March 2023