Melancholic r&b is such a great fit for the misty weather outside.

This Mahalia-meets-Billie Eilish jewel comes from a new name in our feed, a UK singer/songwriter called LEILAH. "STOP HURTING MY FEELINGS" was actually co-written with & produced by the outstanding Mura Masa (I guess you could tell by the intro, the intricate beatwork & the electronic touch). It has a delightfully dreamy touch and beautiful haziness which you can easily get lost in.

This is the final piece of LEILAH's THE DISTANCING EFFECT - 4 songs released individually but created as a conceptual project. This was, naturally, also the fav pick of Global Soul's latest show:

The song entered their Chart at #19, let's see where it goes (but I'm thinking - up).

posted by Nasko
November 2023