It has been months since I found anything remotely similar to this next feature.

Billie Eilish is undoubtedly one of  the relatively new discoveries which by now we all know will go really further. The young artist has the talent and creative vision and everything she releases is wow-ing people. Her 2016 tracks "Ocean Eyes" is a synth-driven lulalby.

Now, however, we will move the spotlight from Billie onto someone mysterious, someone I found around randomly. Someone who blew my mind. I wish I can tell you more about lexi, but I can't. Right now she is a beautiful voice pouring out of my headphones.

Her take on "ocean eyes" is so... emotionally charged, it didn't take more than a few chords before it hit those corners of my heart I usually don't like looking into. And that's how you know a track is pure gold. As the whole thing is recorded (I imagine) in lexi's bedroom or home studio, it adds even another layer of intimacy to the track.

When you gimme those ocean eyes

I'm scared

I've never fallen from quite this high

Falling into your ocean eyes

Sometimes it takes one hundreds of moments before seeing  the obvious and when this happens, when this strange curved ball of events lines up in a certain way... it's beautifully overwhelming.

Oh, yeah - you can listen to the original Billie Eilish version below.

posted by Ivo
April 2018