This Alexander Lewis / Y2K remix of Lido's "Murder" is THE embodiment of a banger.

Been meaning to feature this since Friday, but due to travels things got slowed down. However, that actually might not be a bad thing as the tune is the perfect way to cope with Monday's laziness. Play this loud and just dig into the haunting mix of trappy bass and the vocal samples from the original which perfectly peak throughout the remix.

Lewis and Y2K are no strangers to working together. The 2 producers released a smashing flip of Hudson Mohawke's "Chimes" last year - just another proof we need more collaborations like this.

Going back to the "Murder" remix, I think that while the guys have definitely enforced the original with some seriously powerful arsenal of kicks, claps and what not, BUT the real skill lies in those near-soothing moments when the whole aggressiveness cools down for a second. If this remix was the soundtrack to any kind of competition, those moments would be the slow-motion frames when you realize you need to pull through and push forward.

posted by Ivo
March 2017