Another special day today.

El Train's music has been on our radar since 2015 (that golden SoundCloud era) and I've also had the pleasure of interviewing Luke in 2020 (plus, he crafted us an amazing mini-mix). So, having him on Stereofox Records simply fills my heart with joy.

The UK producer & DJ hopped on the remix train for Lina Nikol & Boyan, taking the ballad off the A Mood Called "You" EP. The result is still warm & romantic but also uplifting/dance, with an afro touch on the beat.

Luke shares, “As soon as I listened to the EP, I instantly fell in love with Lina Nikol’s voice and knew I had to remix one of the tracks. The original version was a beautiful, slow R&B ballad, but I was curious how it would sound as an uptempo and dancey track. I took the lead vocal and crafted an entirely new vibe around it. Like many of my songs/remixes, it’s drenched in reverb and got a spacey feel to it, gradually building up to a lively housey beat. I think it will be the perfect addition to my DJ sets this summer!“

Stream / buy the song on your fav platform here. The full Remix album, with 2 more songs from Misha & TromBobby comes on August 16th.

posted by Nasko
July 2023