After "My Time" - Lina Nikol's first Stereofox release in collaboration with Bulgarian music producer Boyan - both artists are back with a fiery new single called "Get It On", which blazes crisp funky r&b flavors, pumping into your ears.

​Singer-songwriter​ Lina Nikol paints a clearly raw and heartfelt emotion on this track. It opens up a bit tame and laid-back, but it soon introduces the sound of vital signs as the heart flutters awake. “Get it On” embodies the sonic equivalent of a burning desire to satisfy an unexplainable connection.

Lina elaborates herself:

"The song is a confession about the uncontrolled desire to love someone. It's about the feeling that draws you to a person, but you can't really put it into words why. You just need to be with him/her. We've all been there - the feeling of a really deep connection, raw emotion, and it's not necessarily with a person you know well"

Inspired by the likes of NAO, Sinead Harnett, Kyle Dion and many more, Boyan’s punchy instrumental and Lina’s lush sassy vocal lines depict a fusion of classic 90's r&b and contemporary neo-soul sound. The playful percussion patterns incircle your head as you're listening, while the powerful bass-line and the pleasantly saturated synth melodies add even more heat to the already spicy vibe of the song.

Accompanying the single is the stylistic music video, eloquently combining visual simplicity and raw emotional chemistry. Alternating between light and dark tones, the scenes serve as a beautiful backdrop to the lush listening experience for this piece. Check it out below and be sure to check out more of both Lina Nikol and Boyan!

posted by Chris
March 2021