If you're in love, this will speak to your soul.

We're thrilled to share the debut collaboration of London singer Lina Nikol & Finnish producer Misha. “We Found Love” is an r&b/neo-soul love letter about the perfect form of romance and will melt you to the core with Lina Nikol’s amazing neo-soul vocal runs, pulsating keys (thanks to Jussi Halme), punchy production, and heartbeat-like basslines (played by cocabona).

Lina explains, “It’s simply a love song, celebrating that “falling in love” moment and everything that comes along with it – the unravelling of deep feelings, excitement, cravings to experience everything together and just being truly grateful for that special person in your life.”

Misha remixed Lina Nikol & Boyan’s “Tell Me Is It Worth It” last year, which then sparked their first collaboration. “He sent me a few ideas he had been working on and “We Found Love” was the one that I was immediately drawn to. I made a full demo with a topline and lyrics and that was it. We just loved the idea,” she elaborates.

“I was going through my discography and I realized that all my beats were in 4/4 time signature. So I decided to challenge myself and make one in 6/8. It turned out better than I thought, and Lina took it to a whole other level with her beautiful vocals. After remixing her and Boyan’s “Tell Me Is It Worth It” it was super nice to work on an original collab song!” - Misha

Stream/buy this beauty here.

posted by Nasko
last month