I've been sitting around on L'indecis' music for a while now and I must admit - I should have shared the French producer way earlier.

While you may label his music as chillhop, the sound of the Grenoble-based artist definitely comes with an edge. Today's highlight is the opening track of his new new album PLETHORIA - "Her". The record is released via our friends from Chillhop Records and is a collection of 11 must-hear tracks.

I will dig deeper into PLETHORIA in the next few days, but  let's start with my personal highlgiht. "Her" won me not only with the flawless progression and the guitar work surrounding the song, but also the electronic feel and elements he incorporated throughout the song. It truly made the track stand out and give a new angle to beat-driven music.

posted by Ivo
June 2017