Slow-motion, bass-heavy beats and beautifully chopped distant vocals. Excited to be among the first to share with you Litche's new single "But Isn't Love Important?".

Fans of Tourist, Shlohmo and Gold Panda are sure to fall in love with this one, as Litche shows us once again just how versatile and masterful production skills can be. When it comes to the track, the Australian producer shares...

This song seemed to just happen one day in my studio as I was creating some new drum and synth loops. This turned into something that inspired me along the way and I wrote this song really fast, like in a day.

I found the vocal sample from a 1980’s horror movie, I like adding something human to my music even if it’s just a field recording of real world noises or someone speaking. It helps me connect to the tone and journey of the track on a whole different level. The contrast between bright and dark distorted sounds on this song to me gives the impression of inner conflicting feelings, maybe my inner psyche and its dealings with the ongoing positive and negative thoughts that appear in my mind throughout each day.

posted by Ivo
February 2020