A question came up the other day: “Why has nobody shared a song by Little Comets?”  I decided it was right about time to fix this.

The young Brits are doing it right. They have released 2 albums already and hopefully they are not going to stop. Their second album sounds more mature, but I want to share the song from their first album “In Search of Elusive Little Comets”. “Her Black Eyes” sounds like it has been recorded somewhere in the basement and in my opinion this makes the song so special.

The lead singer’s vocals deserve a separate post – very squeaky at times on the edge of being irritating, but never crossing this line. All the tracks from both their albums are highly enjoyable and danceable – guaranteed.

The guys are touring around Britain quite a lot and I’m really hoping they will make it over to the continental part as well. Bands like this deserve way more attention than they have. Spread the love!

posted by Anna
April 2013