You can tell if a week's going to be good when Little Simz drops an album (almost) out of nowhere.

No singles, no other projects in 2022, the female rap queen teased NO THANK YOU just last week, announcing the release date and the tracklist - doing things outside the box. The year ends very well for Little Simz after winning the 2022 Mercury prize for previous album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert and dropping these 10 unique and various songs shortly after (continuing with notes of her signature cinematic approach to hip hop).

The opening song "Angel" serves as the best way to enter into the Little Simz-verse (pun intended). Soulful sampling, mellow hip hop groove, her mind-blowing flow, and a gentle chorus by long-time collaborator Cleo Sol - with melting strings in the 2nd half.

Check the whole project, it's quite the ride, as you can probably guess:

posted by Nasko
December 2022