A powerful message from alt r&b / hip hop bruja (Spanish for witch) Lo Artiz. We've been keeping an ear on the Miami-born, LA-based artist since 2022 - her voice is nothing short of magnificent and the vibe her work is excelling is impeccable.

The track's inner energy lies within the concept of a witch that has scared folks for ages. The notion of a woman embracing her power and achieving her desires can be challenging for some to accept. "La bruja" represents a vital rebellion against the male-dominated music industry. In the first verse, Artiz boldly asserts, "I deserve my place where men gather, carry on while I persevere," igniting a rallying cry among all women. As a genuine practitioner of bruja traditions, Artiz weaves her spiritual rituals, such as tarot and astrology, into the captivating chorus of this track.

The idea of a woman tapping into her own power & getting what she wants is a hard pill for some to swallow. La bruja is a necessary fierce roar within the patriarchy of the music industry. Artiz sings in the first verse ‘I’m owed my seat in rooms where men meet, do what you do while I bleed’ and has every woman listening ready to attack at dawn. Being an actual practicing bruja, Artiz ties in her spiritual practices like tarot & astrology in this steamy track’s hook.

posted by Ivo
September 2023