old song from london grammar, but i loved it so i made a chill flip of it.

Thank you!

London Grammar's "Hey Now" is to this day one of my most favourite tracks from the UK trio. The intensity of Hannah's vocals and the perfectly matched instrumentals are flawless and I believe the song is unbeatable when it comes to creating a haunting atmospheric sound experience.

All those glorious things aside, what this young producer called calfana dreams did was.... just out of this world. I kid you not, as I am writing this (still half through my first play of the flip), I have the most vibrant goosebumps ever. One of a kind feeling. The kind of feeling I always chase when looking for music and the most basic fuel to wake up every day and sift through tons of tracks.

I can't tell you much about calfana dreams besides his age (16) and the fact that this "hey now" flip will remind you why you love music. For the next time, I promise I'll be back with more info.

posted by Ivo
March 2017