Los Campesinos! never fail to impress me with their lyrical pomposity. After all, it is lead singer Gareth David's calling card, poetry in place of symmetry, sentences that spill over each other with subject matters so eloquently described, it's almost like he's reading straight from his favorite piece of prose (let's be honest, he probably is).

Whereas purest will undoubtedly argue that new LC! is a far cry from old LC!, you really can't argue with the quality they continually churn out and first release from eagerly awaited album No Blues  due out 29th of October is exactly that. First class musical and lyrical gold. 'What Death Leaves Behind' is a much grittier offering and hints at the possibility that the new album is going to be much more grown up.

Whatever the case, you can bet your ass it's going to be spectacular.

posted by Staff
September 2013