Acquaint yourself with London artist Louis VI and his refreshingly thirst-quenching new single “Water”.

Having released his debut EP Lonely Road Of The Dreamer late last year, the new cut serves as an interval to the next phase, his forthcoming second EP.

On the invigorating track, Louis VI cleverly uses water as a metaphor to convey his message of cutting through the bullshit of the daily drama and washing the senses.

"It's about going back to the most basic, purest reason why you do something," explains Louis VI. We are made of water and water is necessary for life, yet there's people who don't have access to it and worse, there's people who do yet drink the sugary, diabetes causing sodas that are pushed in our faces on adverts instead. It's not about water itself but what is represents. It's about time we started looking after ourselves, particularly us people of colour because right now the current climate got me feeling like 'we're all too thirsty with no way to make it rain."

Press play - this one's a belter.

posted by Colin
June 2017