I've been talking a lot about Tycho these days and even did a quick vinyl review on our Instagram a few days ago. The day after I finished that video I stumbled upon Lowtopic's latest single "Cricket" and instantly felt like those early days when I discovered those laid-back downtempo sounds filled with hope and dream-like energy.

The new single is a follow-up to his previous release "Ostkreuz" and paves the path towards Lowtopic's upcoming album About Everything Happened in the Meantime which will be released later this year.

Francisco shares, "Cricket is my younger kid jumping around and about all the time I spend screwing around the studio, recording samples, chasing chords, and tweaking knobs searching for that dazzling melody that just couldn't be other than that. Concrete weakness and wonder of researching".

So lush and aerial.

It goes without saying that "Cricket" deserves to be amongst the top positions in our chill electronic playlist selection.

posted by Ivo
last month