Two modern legends, Loyle Carner & Madlib, have come together for the first time to bring some feel-good vibes to your day - "Yesterday".

The oldschool, jazzy & sample-driven production perfectly supports Loyle's peculiar flow & captivating storytelling - about a boy becoming a man. He elaborates:

It’s really just about what it is to be black and white, in a world where you pretty much have to be one or the other. It hurts the way I felt about my race back then, is the same way I feel now. Nothings changed since my last entry, nothing’s changed since the last century. I hope that soon this song would be nothing more than a reminder of a different time, and collectively we’d be able to move forward to a time of more respect, acceptance, and understanding.

Make sure to also check the amazing, coming-of-age official music video:

posted by Nasko
November 2020