This is indeed very, very lovely.

London-based Lu Wright joined forces with British rapper Civil for this slow-groove jam, "Lovely". Describing it as a "soundtrack for a summer day", they fused r&b, soul, jazz & hip hop in such a smooth way, with shimmering guitars and captivating beatwork. Lu shares:

"Lovely" represents a more positive me, looking back through my life. It’s far too easy to dwell on past mistakes and bad life choices, it's much harder yet far more rewarding to acknowledge your growth and proudly move forward. "Lovely" is less of a song about overcoming hurdles and more of a change in perspective. Whilst the lessons I have learnt are now the foundations of me, I can't help but sympathise with those going through similar struggles without the benefit of hindsight."

This is the third track taken from Lu’s debut EP Notes To Self, due at the end of May.

posted by Nasko
April 2021