It’s been over two years since the last time we had UK-based Lydia Kitto featured on the Fox and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Her new single “Alone” is produced, written and mixed by the talented artist and it brings a dreamy, yet grounding nu-disco, UK garage sound. 

According to Lydia’s website, “her main influences [are] her Jazz musician Father, and Rock musician Uncle. Lydia is also a huge fan of Jazz hip-hop which she has infused within her music.” 

As far as “Alone” goes, the intro instrumental gets under your skin in an instant and the vocals… the vocals are how I imagine the sound of an intimate, color film female self-portrait at golden hour — steeped in warm, natural sunlight, branching out for greenery, and oozing calming inner strength. Oustanding sound in every regard and Lydia is very much back on our new music radar!

posted by Hristina
July 2020