King of lo-fi indie and one more reason why Canada is great, Mac DeMarco has been exceptionally nostalgic and reflective lately. Ever since his soul-melting cover of 1975 James Taylor "I Was a Fool to Care", it seems the dust of melancholic contemplation has settled on the strings of his otherwise nonchalant guitar. The first two songs from his upcoming album maintain the same mood.

"My Old Man" is a first-hand account of the terrifying realization that sooner or later, we all turn into our parents. Even worse, we seem to transform into the oldest, most tired and lonely version of our parents, carrying the burden of disillusionment into our relationships and looking at our love affairs with cold cynicism. "This Old Dog" explores the hardening of the heart from a different perspective - as an inevitable part of growing old, following the natural maturation of love and partnership. The feeling, although not the absolute center of existence, is resilient, an integral part of the self.

Both tracks are going to be a part of Mac's third studio album, This Old Dog, expected in May under Captured Tracks.

posted by Iva
March 2017