Welcome to a groovy Monday.

While I love sexy vocals & slow-burner vibes, adding some playful drums & basslines takes things to the next level. And "Deactivate" is exactly this - the perfect balance of smoothness & funkiness.

The latest release of Dutch singer/producer Maddy Moreah & multi-instrumentalist/beatmaker DAVIES, out via our friends at Vokall Records, blends the best of soul, r&b, jazz, and a touch of their Indonesian roots, set to warm you & make you nod along with the captivating production.

The song touches on the topics of being lost in today's society & seeking spirituality as a way to navigate life. They elaborate on the title, "The way to get flow in your day is to deactivate your state and goosebumps will head out your way."

The duo's working on a new EP, set to release early 2024, so keep an ear out!

posted by Nasko
November 2023