Magic Man. The Rhode Islander's name does not lie because that's exactly what 'Paris' is, synth-rock magic.

From sweet piano notes into melodic synths, 'Paris' feels like a familiar friend that warms you up inside. I have the brightest smile plastered across my face every time I listen to it, which lately is quite often.

The college project first emerged as a duo back in 2010. Since then, they've grown into a five-piece indie piano-pop ensemble full of catchy hooks and polished arrangements creating that familiar yet fresh quality.

The self-proclaimed, triumphant synth-rockers have recently signed with Neon Gold Records and released The Fox Den DemosTake a listen to 'Paris' below and be sure to check out the full EP including 'Texas' and 'Nova Scotia' (it seems the synth-rockers have a thing for geography) as well! All three songs are available to download for FREE. Happy Friday!

posted by Staff
July 2013