I found Mårble and his new album Elixir of Immortality through the french duo Nummer, who produce techno under this project, but have an affinity for naturally unfolding rhythms and genre escapism.

Elixir of Immortality is the first release on their new label Natural Selection which calls our attention to the bursts of colours, acoustic instruments, synths and sounds from nature.

We hear jazz, ambience, dubby melodies, uplifting drums and psychedelic motives weaved in a new form, elaborated through the prism of St Petersburg's producer Mårble. It is exciting to hear such a blissful, vivacious and mind-stimulating work which also takes unexpected turns with meditative chants of distant voices and spirited flutes.

The track "Seaside" has a gentle, soothing bassline and hypnotising saxophone which truly feel like floating on a warm, tranquil sea. A sound ritual of healing and joy. Dive in!

Hear previews of all the songs and buy the record here.

posted by Staff
July 2018