After last month's Maribou State feature titled "Turnmills" (a must-hear tune btw), it is time to solidify the hope I had - the guys are releasing a new album this year!

Chris and Liam's new record is called Kingdoms in Colour and will be released on September 7th via our friends at Ninja Tune. Today we have another cause for celebration - the 2nd single off the album called "Feel Good" is out and it features Khruangbin - a band which I highly recommend for all of those who like soul, dub and psychedelia sounds. Really experimental folks.

Both artists have bonded over their affection for breakbeats, vintage surf riffs and the thrive to explore various music cultures. Something you can definitely pick up in "Feel Good". Khruangbin shared...

"Sometimes a chance meeting plants the seed for something bigger. Such was the case when we met Maribou State at KOKO a couple of years ago. We are very happy to be involved in this project. And we ‘feel good’ already."

There's something utterly mystic about the track and I have to say - I don't often see such flawless blend of electronica and psychedelic/indie sounds. This definitely made it on the top of my list this week!

If you're curious about 's full tracklist, well...

1. Beginner’s Luck
2. Kingdom
3. Turnmills
4. Nervous Tics
5. Glasshouses
6. Part Time Glory
7. Feel Good (feat. Khruangbin)
8. Slow Heat
9. Vale
10. Kāma

posted by Ivo
June 2018