Are you ready for one of the most mellow things you've heard from Marie Dahlstrom?

Her lustful vocals, in combination with soft keys and slow beats, just form perfection and her unique sound. She explains how the track came to life:

My boyfriend was away, in LA actually, when I wrote it, and I remember missing him. That day I had a session with Conor [Albert] – and I started the little piano theme on my keyboard, and Conor then began building the instrumental around it. After he left, I just turned on the mic, and sang whatever came to mind – no prewritten lyrics or melodies – which is why I called it "A Loveletter – An Improvisation". It was just a raw reflection upon my love for someone. I feel that emotion informs melody. I like the idea that someone should be able to feel what a song is about, without listening to the words. For me, melody always come before words, and words often write themselves, on the right days. That’s my cue that I’ve made a good song. It feels easy and purposeful.

This is the first single off her debut album, upcoming in 2020, which I'm so impatient to hear already!

posted by Nasko
December 2019