Marie Dahlstrom is back - and with a blast!

The Danish, London-based singer/songwriter returns for the first time since her third album A Good Life (May 2023) to announce something truly exciting - the Deluxe version due later this year. And an upfront single from it features the UK r&b sensation Odeal, out now.

"Nothing On You" brings the best out of both artists - it's a mellow, heartfelt r&b/soul tune that feels like a dance between two people in love, with an outstanding drum groove & warm instrumentation, thanks to Marie's frequent producer & life partner Dan Diggas.

Marie elaborates on the single, "This song was made in the very first session Odeal and I had together. It was such a natural and smooth process. Daniel’s production provided the perfect foundation and it felt really natural to develop the song. The song is a true love song - feels like a nice way to start the year."

A Good Life Deluxe will also include another unreleased gem called "Glass", as well as 2 remixes of "If I Belong" & "On My Own". Very eager to hear these.

posted by Nasko
4 weeks ago