American-born producer Mario Pedron, aka MarMar, has just recently released a track "Call On You" which I have been playing repeatedly, so I was excited to see that he very swiftly followed up with another goodie "Try" in collaboration with LUUNG. And let me tell ya, it's a vibe.

This track sounds very dancey and groovy, but don't let it fool you, as the overall feeling is quite sentimental and introspective, which I attribute to LUUNG's vocals and MarMar's work with it. I am really into how choppy the vocals are and how many different effects MarMar has used (I can only identify lots of reverb, but surely there is a lot more to it), while still keeping some of the natural voice. Apparently. "Try" was written when Mario was adjusting to life in a new place, and I think a little bit of homesickness is definitely adding to the overall sentiment of the track.

“The song shares themes of longing and appreciation. I’m so in love with the life I live, and I guess the songs are just cries to not lose touch of that,” says LUUNG.

I'm excited to see what else MarMar has in store for us.

posted by Anna
March 2024