Literally after finishing listening to the new Masego track "Lady Lady" I just featured, this mind-blowing sound started playing in my headphones and as the sun finally hit the premises of my room (it's currently 7:05AM in Berlin), I felt this kind of .

"Oxygen" is actually rather old tune released by Uncle Sego, dating all the way back to 2015 although I should have caught it earlier. The sound is very, very different... but damn - this sounds beyond greatness. The pioneer in the traphousejazz genre has definitely given us a lot of inspiration throughout the years and while I think he's doing a lot more jazzy / soul stuff nowadays, I gotta acknowledge how much this track affected me straight from the get-go. It almost feels like ODESZA meets Masego, in a parallel universe.

Also, I think that's a Sade sample he's using. Just putting it out there.

posted by Ivo
June 2018