I was initially drawn to this track by the feature. Taylor McFerrin started as a beatboxer, turned electronic producer, and is one of the crown jewels of the Brainfeeder label. Despite carrying the weight of his father's (Bobby) great surname, Taylor managed to separate himself from the expectations and design a world of sound so unique that it drew the mighty Flying Lotus's eye.  I have been a huge fan after his Early Riser debut albumhowever he hasn't dropped anything since, just a few remixes here and there. Seeing a rare feature in this track was a sign to prepare my ears for something great.

Mast is a name I definitely wasn't familiar with but with a bit of research I found out he is a jazz musician from the LA scene who, similarly to Taylor, fell in love with production and kept riding that wave, whilst incorporating his jazz way into his work. What results from their colab is an eclectic instrumental exploration in synths and deep rhythms. The two interweave their music so well that it is hard to distinguish where one starts and the other begins for the whole duration of the track. It really goes crazy towards the end, just so much energy in that piece.

Having spiked my interest, I further delved into Mast's catalogue to find that the track is part of his second album Love and War. Here are some of his words about the record itself:

This record, there’s definitely some Sun Ra and Pink Floyd in there, and a lot of the Low End/Brainfeeder approach of using abstract sounds and beats, like Flying Lotus, and a bit of hip-hop like Madlib.

I don't know about you but I was SOLD after reading this. Enjoy!

posted by Staff
March 2017