Great news, people! Matt Corby has finally decided to release a debut album and I think it's right about time after the 4 EP's. 23-year old Australian Idol alumni has ripped everybody apart with his tune "Brother" and yesterday he dropped the first track off his debut album. The wait took quite some time (almost two years), but totally worth it! He recorded it in his apartment in LA and that's what he is saying himself:

"I got a little paranoid and I didn't really leave the house for a couple of days. I couldn't understand why I was so afraid of the world at this time so I wrote 'Resolution'. It's an ode to humanity and the way I want to be with other people and spread some love in an un-cheesy way."

The song starts slowly, but builds upon his goose-bump vocals and is so beautiful I could cry. Strong piano and percussion, powerful folk vocals, Matt's famous howling and growl, gentle development and end. Press replay. What a great comeback!

This has just made me way more excited for his new album.

posted by Anna
May 2013