I don’t quite know what I was expecting when choosing to listen to a track titled “Melons”. That was definitely a first. I think the last thing I expected to hear though was something as soulful and deep as this. Matt Mason’s track "Melons" is every inch the acoustic anthem with its dulcet yet twangy guitar and his stand out vocals - nothing you’d expect from such a comic title.

The sharp emotion gives it a real element of rawness that cuts into what you thought would be a slow paced and tranquil few minutes. “Melons” remains laid back until that sheer emotion consumes every second of the vocals, guitar, melody and beat. He pulls you right into his story to experience every high and every low, which makes for absolute bliss to listen to.

With its unusual title and sporadic feel, “Melons” feels like a journey of scattered thoughts and musings paired with an unusual set of melodies and beats. With its urban/acoustic vibe he explores new territory in this tranquil, turned turbulent journey.

ps. the track is producer by someone you may already know - mr. masego

posted by Staff
March 2016