I love those random finds when you get into a rabbit hole of good music and you stumble across another after another artist. Last year, when I was preparing for my London trip, I saw Danniella Dee would have a small gig when I was there - warming up for someone called Matt Storm. And then I heard his "what do ya miss?" and my jaw dropped.

Today, I'm already a fan of Matt, especially after hearing him live, and I'm delighted he's blessing us with new music. The Vancouver singer brings the melting "APOLOGIZE" which takes a turn towards darker jazz/blues, with psychedelic guitars & keys and marvelous drums. Don't worry, his vocals are still as smooth, heartfelt & welcoming.

The song is about forgiveness - mainly to yourself, as well as self-discovery, doubt & depression. And ultimately reaching harmony & balance even though the process can be hard & long. What a beautiful way to tell this story.

posted by Nasko
February 2024