Getting a notification that Maura and Fred Red have a new track out while I was vibing to their latest single "Bluebike" simply felt like winning a mini-lottery for a brief moment. The unparalleled neo-soul & indietronica Berlin duo is back with yet another gorgeous release to tease their debut album called Grimus.

"Anarchist Love" is no digression from the style of Maura and Fred Red. As true staples of the duo's recognizable sound, the track is filled with crisp drum grooves, uniquely processed sound textures/samples and of course mesmerizingly soulful vocal lines.

Whether slow and spital like in the verses, or staccato-esque and present like in the catchy hook, the vocals on "Anarchist Love" are performed amazingly, in true Maura fashion. Fred Red's music production and sound design shine through on this piece through the interesting main motif going left to right and piercing through the ambient soundscape. Albeit tender and subtle, the jazzy lush keys, played by German musician and producer Malik Diao add beautiful harmonic weight and body to the track.

And if you dig the jazzy touch of Malik's keys, then you'd be delighted to find out that he features on 8 of the 14 tracks on the Grimus album! While you're waiting for the LP to drop on 7th May, check out the beautiful black-&-white music video to "Anarchist Love" below!

posted by Chris
March 2021