"Got you tremblin', got you in my element". Apologies, this track is so catchy - there was no other way for me to start the review after it being stuck in my head all afternoon...

LA-based (but "a resident of the whole world" as we say in Bulgarian) vocalist SAÍGO and German electronic producer Maximono have joined forces for a gorgeous r&b collaboration called "Tremblin". Putting an r&b label on this track would be quite the understatement, though, since it presents a beautiful sonic infusion of lo-fi house, soul, electro-pop and electronica.

If you've been previously introduced to SAÍGO through his numerous collaborations with names like DAYO, Android Ethics, Nocktern, his distinct vocal style won't come across as a surprise. Expressive warm vocal lines sung with precision are combined with enticing lyricism, making the whole performance on "Tremblin" feel pure and captivating.

Taking a glimpse behind the vocal curtain of this track feels extremely rewarding too. The groovy drums keep the track grounded while packing a whole lot of punch, yet sounding mellow and soft. Lush pads and synths complement the natural beat of the tune by pulsing and trembling (no surprise there) with the rhythm of the percussion. Alongside the occasional glittering puck melodies, you can also hear all sorts of diverse textures filling up the space to deliver the ultimate soulful soundscape journey.

"Tremblin" is the first single released through Parasoul Music - Maximono's own latest musical chapter:

“Parasoul will be the outlet for myself and other likeminded artists with a focus on house music but also genres like Drum & Bass, UK Garage and Lofi-Beats. Anything that speaks from the soul of its creator is welcome.“

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posted by Chris
March 2021