Our label journey alongside Mazoulew continues with what is my favourite Stereofox Records release. "Overdue" marks his 4th release via Stereofox Records and it is safe to say at this point – Matthew is our first resident artist. The track feels quite different than his previous work and taps into the rather organic way of building electronic music. A heart-touching blend of sounds which could feel both lonesome and absolutely elevating at the same time.

As a fan of the music which Bonobo and Emancipator pioneered in the late 2000s, I couldn't be happier with what Matthew crafted. "Overdue" makes me want to travel somewhere far, far away and explore the world. Also, as a drummer I must say - those ghost notes sound superb.

Stream on all other services here. Speaking of the song, he shares...

“Every time we experience new things in life it changes us for better or worse. Sometimes these changes can happen too soon, sometimes they are overdue”

posted by Ivo
September 2019