This has never happened before, but we have label releases in 2 consecutive days and while we were learning in the first few months of the label, now we're really stepping up. We've planned 6 tracks in the upcoming few months varying from chillhop through downtempo and all the way to minimal house music. Pretty much nothing, but perfection.

Today's highlight feels quite special, this is our 3rd official release from our resident Mazoulew entitled "Shogun".

I actually heard the track back in the spring of this year and have been eager to release it ever since. We had to plan things carefully though as this is not the last surprise we have from Mazoulew. You know "label" stuff, roadmaps and such (makes serious face). So, yeah - super hyped on releasing this gorgeously dark rave sound universe. The track dwells in the underground levels of downtempo and house music, making it a perfect soundtrack to any morning rave. It feels weirdly empowering and as soon as the intro fades off around second 31 I feel like this weird influx of energy completely absorbing me.

Compared to my previous records, "Shogun" is a darker journey into the underground world of electronic & downtempo music.

Reminiscent of the warehouse days, I composed the track by pulling inspiration from those experiences, but also tried to add a few unexpected twists.

I wasn't the only fox member who loved the tune. This is Boris' most favourite release ever (like I can tell you - the dude was obsessed with this tune), so he decided to create our first official video while we were working on the release. The result? Perfect fit between visuals and sound.

posted by Ivo
July 2019