A TRACK that blew my mind recently, thanks to Anna who shared McKinley Dixon's 4th studio album with me (thank you!) - Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? (named after three of Toni Morrison’s best works, a writer who Dixon calls “the greatest rapper ever”)

"Live! from the Kitchen Table" is drenched in epicness typical for Bon Iver's work, 80s brass work, and McKinley's impeccable flow and delivery. The album as a whole and this track as a prime example, exemplify his growth, featuring impeccably detailed production while retaining the distinctive personal touch that characterizes his work.

The song starts with a very detailed and epic intro that sucks you in from the get-go. Instant love. McKinley Dixon's Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? was one of the 100 albums we picked for 2023 too.

posted by Ivo
December 2023