MGMT have released a new track off their third, self-titled album in follow up to "Alien Days," as well as released more details about the album. The album is expected to be released September 17 on Columbia Records. It will have ten tracks, including both "Alien Days" and "Your Life Is A Lie". They're currently planning a November/December US tour.

Most recently, the band released the music video for the aforementioned track "Your Life Is A Lie". To put it simply, it's weird. It makes little to no sense (to me at least). A recommendation: play the video, but close your eyes, or open a new window and entertain yourself while it plays. That way, when you watch the actual video, you don't have to worry about getting distracted from the actual song! The song sounds like typical MGMT, pure psychedlia. The video only reassures that.

Warning: the video starts out very quickly, with no warning. I advise you turn the volume down and then turn it up when it starts.

 This album will be the follow up to their sophomore album, Congratulations.

posted by Staff
August 2013