"Coming Home to See Me" is not only the opening track from Michael Kirby's Shoulder's Carry Honor, but it's also one of the most personal tracks on the project.

Throughout the recent tracks we've featured from Kirby, we've heard him provide a unique perspective on some of the struggles we face in our society. For this release, however, we're invited to take a ride on his train of thought to witness his dilemma regarding balancing cultural, and societal expectations with inner desires. The soulful instrumental provides a sense of comfort, just like hearing his lived experience and how there are parts of it that mirror our own.

In fact, if you listen carefully to the first verse you'll pick up the thematic relationship between the project's name and the narrative of the track - making it quite a suitable introduction to the LP.

Michael Kirby · Shoulders Carry Honor
posted by Lu
November 2023